We are a collective of artists, musicians and space engineers who are studying
the causalities of the universe. We organize cosmic journeys to broaden horizons,
create networks, and to establish new paradigms.


The Cosmic Society was born from our motivation to use our creativeness and to
have an impact. Our collective inspiration lies in our talents, visions, and ideals –
in other words, we are driven by our love for music, art, and people. We believe in
like-minded collaboration to discover our joint potential instead of creative exploitation.


We support our artists and friends in the realization of their ideas and our projects,
while we gain our strength from the cooperation of different talents. A steady growing
network forms the backbone of our work in order to create new concepts in the future,
set new goals, and to seek new challenges.

The Cosmic Society and our projects  emerged from volunteer work and the contribution of individual talents.

In that way guests are not longer consumers but active members.


Before we start our journeys we invite our guests to contribute their personal talents as well.

We are open for dance, music, performance or just any other form of creativity.


Our journeys lead to places which only exist for a blink of an eye and then disappear again.

What is left are recollections in our minds and sometimes visual imprints of moments which you can never recreate.


  • album-cover

    Bookwood – Newtown


  • album-cover

    Bookwood – Polysin


  • album-cover

    Fat Cosmoe – Eterea


  • album-cover

    Blindsmyth – Blind Remixed


  • album-cover

    Looke – What Else


  • album-cover

    Blindsmyth – Blind


  • album-cover

    Dora & Meyer – Dawning


  • album-cover

    Kleiber – A Different White


  • album-cover

    Lemmon – Mystical


  • album-cover

    Blindsmyth – Secret Walls