Paul David Heckhausen

Expect melodic and tension-loaded techno, paired with acoustic live percussions – sometimes under the sea, between the stars, in the far east, or right in the heart of Berlin!

Living in the middle of the electronic underground capital you will find producer, composer and drummer – Paul David Heckhausen. He brings you on a journey into deep and melodic sound landscapes with mesmerizing live rhythms, cultivating a harmony between a dynamic flow, ecstatic highlights and dreamy breakdowns. His warm, emotive and lively sound is unmistakable, just as his detailed and sensitive production style of his original tracks.

The past years Paul has played many gigs at several festivals and well known clubs; FUSION, GARBICZ, DISTORTION and SISYPHOS Berlin are amongst the decks at which  he has showcased his skills. In addition to the festival and club gigs, he has an upcoming feature with the space jazz band “Rocket Men” at this years Elbjazz Festival and in Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg. Paul has also floored his audiences with his audiovisual project “Schattenspiel”, where he combines live cello and singing with electronic dance music.

A string of live gigs in Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Germany followed with the release of his track “Hang zur Sonne” on TRAUM records (Tour de Traum VIII with support from Agoria, Dubfire, and manymore), his remix of BLINDSMYTH’s “Wacklige Brucken” on the Cosmic Society Label, and his much played remix of Kollektive Trumstrasse’s “Schwindelig”.




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