The new Cosmic Society podcast, this time by Steffen Kirchhoff, takes you a spiritual journey through sound and nature. The mix takes you deep into the jungles of the Amazon, through the spiritual planes of India, and to the traditional Balkan dances. Lots of flutes, drums and divine chanting. Birds chirping away, to a mix of soft whispers and slow beats – a ray of deep drums and vibrations that make the soul move. Let your soul and body manoeuvre to this enchanting set.

Steffen Kirchhoff, a spiritual musician, is supporting shamans and healers in their rituals and healing session with his sound. This aspect is also very much reflected in the music he puts into the world. He started with a deep electronic sound, and after a one year hiatus, he is now back to producing, creating the very organic and spiritual sounds we now know. He has a long set of live gigs behind him from 2016 and 2017, with many more up and coming. For the remainder of 2017, he can be found bringing his divine music to Berlin and Mexico.

1. Nagual – Tzututa (Kousk Remix)
2. Lagartijeando – Camino en llamas
3. Ohxalá – Lekeleke (M.RUX remix)
4. Kaleema – Sierra Leona (Chancha Via Circuito rmx)
5. Inti-Illimani- La Partida (M.RUX EDIT)
6. Xanducero – Hermanitos
7. Umeko Ando – Iuta Upopo (M.RUX Remix)
8. Kaleema – Sierra Leona (Sidirum rmx)
9. INTICHE – Siembra (Rodrigo Gallardo Remix)
10. Grupo Bahia – Mosaico de Bunde (Mr. Toé Edit)
11. Lobkowitz – Avalanche
12. Avem – Nuages (Dandara Remix)
13. Herr Creti – The Road less travelled
14. Psycho Tropiques – Ikaros
15. Björk – The Gate (Stereo Underground Bootleg)



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