STUCK // ALBUM ‚BLIND‘ "Stuck is about getting lost, struggling, failing, falling and eventually getting up again. Probably no other track captures the creative ups and downs of creating my album more." - Blindsmyth. The whole album can be pre-ordered now and you‘ll get stuck directly. Bandcamp: Next dates: 09.02. Berlin, Album Release: Blindsmyth 'Blind' w. AFAR [...]
It all started with a mixtape! In the 80’s schNee was born in the suburbs of Berlin, and as a young girl she moved through this vibrant city exploring different music styles through concerts - as she got older she started finding herself in the Berlin clubs; dancing, feeling, enjoying, and opening up to the [...]
Simon Schmidt, also known as Blindsmyth, is a musical globetrotter. Since 2014 he has been a Berlin based producer and live act who thrives in the electronic music scene. His live sets are a voyage of discovery between deep electronic soundscapes and experimental pop music. Blindsmyth’s musical fundament was developed throughout his early years as [...]
Marvin and Gordon both started off solo in the music scene in northern flatlands of Germany. It was after they met in 2010 during their studies in the Netherlands, that they played more and more back-to-back gigs in Groningen. Their gigs very quickly became synonymous with the Groningen Techno and House scene, and you would [...]