Dora & Meyer

Marvin and Gordon both started off solo in the music scene in northern flatlands of Germany. It was after they met in 2010 during their studies in the Netherlands, that they played more and more back-to-back gigs in Groningen. Their gigs very quickly became synonymous with the Groningen Techno and House scene, and you would find them playing their sound throughout the city. Through their separate stays abroad in Barcelona and Glasgow, they gained further international influences and experiences.
The dynamic duo, now living in Hamburg and Berlin, trifle in between the realms of Deep House, Tech House, and Techno. The sound is shaped by characteristic kicks and scratchy synthesizer merged with melodic and deepen sound spheres in their sets – creating a mix of rattling, progressive sounds, a dreamy ecstatic experiences which is found somewhere between the dark of the night and the first rays of sun.
In their own productions, DORA & MEYER rely on analog synthesizers and drum machines, combined with field recordings, to forge their unique and exquisite sound.




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