Bookwood is a young talent. Both as a producer & live act, he floats in between the musical spheres of Electronica and Deep House. His sound puts an emphasis on the deeply emotional spheres with many surfaces and a preference for theatrical & dramatic sound.

After he learned to play several classical instruments as a child, he got familiar with several Digital Audio Workstations and found his passion in electronic music, in his early teens.

Shortly after this he set off as a live act and left Hanover quite quickly to play his first ever gig, in the well known Berlin club Kater Blau, at the age of 19. His debut EP was released in 2017 on URSL. Followed by two EPs on Cosmic Society and other releases on URSL , EKORD and Kindisch.

Bookwood - Follow

Bookwood - Newtown [Cosmic Society]

Ost & Kjex - Dortmund (Amount & Bookwood Remix)

Bookwood - Cali [URSL]

Bookwood - Polysin

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