COSMIC FRIENDS 52 – Hior Chronik

A bit of ambient, a bit of electronic and a bit of drum & bass. All mixed together into a smooth set by Hoir Chronik.

Born in Athens and based in Berlin, Hior Chronik started his love affair with music when he was working as a radio producer in the early 90’s and as a columnist for various music magazines. About 7 years ago, he started creating music of his own, and today his focus in on the minimal and ambient. His music is form mainly around piano and has destinict features of melancholy, scattered notes and long melodies that create expressive soundscapes.

His music is featured in various films, documentaries as well as art performance. His debut album entitled “I’m a tree”  was released from Enregistrements Variables label in 2010. Collaborations constitute his basic core of inspiration and motivation for creating music. His 2nd solo album, entitled “Unspoken Words” was released by mü-nest in November of 2011, which included collaborations with Akira Kosemura, Natalie Tba, Roger Doering (of Dictaphone) and many more. He released an album as Pill-Oh entitled “Vanishing Mirror” on Kitchen. Label in 2012.

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