Holographic Field

Pianist and producer Jonas Max Paul Meyer is the sole creative force behind Holographic Field – finding himself in his creation of epicly ambient and electronic universes.

Jonas found his passion for music production and composition as a young child, growing up between punk bands and piano lessons. It is in this space, between punk rock and classical music that he draws inspiration and sees his work. Specifically in the contrasts between: beauty and ruin, technique and improvisation, the digital and the analog. 

From 2009 to 2013 he completed his Bachelor of Arts at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, with a major in piano. It was during this time, and through his various band projects, such as the postrock band Frames, that he was able to explore and expand his musical and creative technique. The next step in his journey as a musician, was his Master of Music in keyboard and music production at the University of Münster – it was also here he realized his artistic project, and what we have come to know as Holographic Field. 

The result, the debut album Window Gazer released in September 2015. A spectacular and emotionally charged ambient journey. It found a well deserved place on the Top 10 Electronic Releases 2015 at A Closer Listen, and received many other appraisals on the instrumental & experimental circuit. As Holographic Field he has also released a number of remixes and reworks such as, but not limited to: Beyond Retrieval from Blindsmyth, Habit by Locoto, a rework of Jim Perkins’ Swimmer Among The Stars, and String Quartet no.1 by Fiona Brice. He has also taken his musical endeavours on the road, and has showcased his music, often with a visual component, at several places across Europe. Most notably at Fusion Festival and Fuchsbau Festival, as well as many known Berlin institutions like: KaterBlau, Platoon Kunsthalle, and Beate Uwe. 

Following his debut album and other releases, he has continued to work within music production. He has been a producer and mastering engineer for various artists. For brands such as: Herlitz, Mercedes, and Nike he has made music productions. He was a theatre musician,composer and sound designer for the award winning productions ‘Tschick’ at the Schauspielhaus Hannover, and he made the soundtrack for the documentary ‘The Prophetess’ by Sylvie Weber. Solidifying himself as a musical storyteller within a wide range of fields.

His second album “Illuminate” was released on our own imprint Cosmic Society Records. Illuminate is a collection of the experimental, electronic, instrumental and ambient music spheres. A creation of dreamy natural landscapes crossing vast oceans and the cosmos, diving into the deepest caves, reaching the highest peaks and exploring different dimensions of moods and feelings.

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