Our Cosmic Friends 55 is by the talented Sarah Wild. Sophisticated funk and house, mixed with instrumental melodies, a touch of vintage 80’s synths, and some tropical tunes. A one of a kind set, that leaves little to be desired.

With Covid-19 being in our streets all the clubs and bars have closed. But this hasn’t stopped Sarah Wild. She has continued live streams through some of the well known Berlin institutions like Klunkerkranich, Sisyphos, KaterBlau, and Rummels Bucht – supporting the Berlin club scene along the way, and making it possible for us all to still dance the night away in the safety of our own homes.

Part of many collectives and labels like ‘Tal Der Verwirrung’, *Feines Tier’, and ‘Love Foundation Global’, Sarah is a musician of all sorts. In fact, she is a professional saxophone player and also knows her way around a piano. So it is easy to imagine where her music gets its soul from.

She will release her first EP ‘Funky Fungi 005’ in collaboration with Study. Beside, she is currently working on her very first solo EP. We are looking forward to seeing what she has in store for us.

For now, enjoy the latest podcast she did for us.

Listen on Soundcloud or Download for free.


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