Out Now – Mark Slee – Seizoen EP

Mark Slee discovers cosmic landscapes in the elements of ‘Seizoen’, his first EP on Cosmic Society. With dreamy strokes and dubby sways in the Remixes of boys be kko and Florian Rietze.

This EP marks his return to the Cosmic Society label, after his sterling remix of Looke’s ‘What Else’, back in 2018. The title track ‘Seizoen’ is an ode to synths, beautifully sustained by listless melodies and subtle drums, beginning the journey into the spacy micro cosmos Mark brings forth. An air of mystery envelops us in the flavorful tribal drums on ‘Cardamom’. And ‘Dewdrops’ brings the funky house to end the trek through this spacy soundscape. Most excellent additions to this are the astral remix by boys be kko and the deliciously dubby remix by Florian Rietze. ‘Seizoen’ is an EP with many worlds to be explored.

Seizoen was conceived over a period of 6 months during which the San Francisco artist was living in the city of Amsterdam. Exploring different ideas and themes, Mark found himself frequently returning to organic elements, particularly bass sounds and acoustic drums. Essentially shifting away from a purely synthetic approach, and finding some more natural roots. The addition of classic electric pianos and synthesizers gives this EP a warm bohemian club feel. Mark Slee has released music on his own label Manjumasi, formed with musical partner Atish in 2016, as well as many other notable labels including Cityfox and Seven Villas. His sound is personified by intricate grooves, dreamy textures, and a playful whimsical bounce. All of which is quite evident on his new EP. His sound and style have taken him far and wide.

Seizoen‘ Distinguished by slow and vibrating melodies, with drums that use subtle tones while building a strong foundation. The energy builds through a crescendo of intense and protruding synths that gradually enter the mix, alongside vivacious drums. The track ‘Dewdrops‘ is an instant funk drop with uplifting playful melodies layered on top of a solid bass hook. Drops of synths that are delicate, yet leave a lasting impression, mixed together with the other elements for an effortlessly funky track with housey roots.  Flavorful tribal drums are the foundation of ‘Cardamom‘, with elements that feature some very cosmic deep space semblance. Enfolding synth melodies add an extra air of mystery to this track.

Known to make most of his tunes on Japanese manufactured synths and machines and with previous releases on the Amsterdam label Atomnation, the Tokyo based producer boys be kko paints a lovely and dreamy picture on his remix of Seizoen’, with his strokes of housy melodies. With this remix he shows his touch in the house and melodic-techno realm. Florian Rietze brings the dub with his remix of the same track. Under the dubby textures he has woven a strong bassline and added some spacy pads. With many releases under his belt, on Male Cmos, Delicieuse Records, Leveldva, Steyoyoke and URS to simply name a few, his characteristic style is easily recognized with his addition to this EP.

The two remixes, opposite in flavour but balancing each other out sweetly as a pair, round of this EP beautifully. Leaving little left to be desired.

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By cosmicsociety