LEMMON is the new project from BENO LUNSEN and BLINDSMYTH, which emerged from the musical collaboration during the Cosmic Society events in the Netherlands and Hannover. After their first gigs together it didn't take long until this they found themselves in a small home studio in Berlin where under the high pressure of creativity a [...]
Marvin and Gordon both started off solo in the music scene in northern flatlands of Germany. It was after they met in 2010 during their studies in the Netherlands, that they played more and more back-to-back gigs in Groningen. Their gigs very quickly became synonymous with the Groningen Techno and House scene, and you would [...]
Expect melodic and tension-loaded techno, paired with acoustic live percussions - sometimes under the sea, between the stars, in the far east, or right in the heart of Berlin! Living in the middle of the electronic underground capital you will find producer, composer and drummer - Paul David Heckhausen. He brings you on a journey [...]
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