Please welcome our crew member Johannes Dora with his deep driving, still dreamy debut solo EP ‘Atonal’ on Cosmic Society. With this release we are happy to broaden the musical horizon of our label – still true to the way we wanted to go from minute one. Stay tuned for more of this talented guy.

Michael Fürstberger, also known as ‘Looke’, connects electro, and electro-acoustic ideas in a unique live experience. Central to his performance is a sound, a synthesiser, a voice, or a motive. In this field of experimentation, worlds of sound are created which combine various musical concepts. In this way the artist creates soundscapes between techno and [...]
Bookwood is a young talent. Both as a producer & live act, he floats in between the musical spheres of Electronica and Deep House. His sound puts an emphasis on the deeply emotional spheres with many surfaces and a preference for theatrical & dramatic sound. After he learned to play several classical instruments as a [...]