Pianist and producer Jonas Meyer is the sole creative force behind Holographic Field – finding himself in his creation of epicly ambient and electronic universes. Jonas found his passion for music production and composition as a young child, growing up between punk bands and piano lessons. It is in this space, between punk rock and […]

In Greek mythology, the greedy king Midas wished for the ability to turn everything he touched into gold. As a self ironic take on this name, Willi Schumacher aka Midas 104 re nes his insatiable thirst for new tones until a golden sound pours onto the dance oor. The young Berliner started to write lyrics [...]
Michael Fürstberger, also known as ‘Looke’, connects electro, and electro-acoustic ideas in a unique live experience. Central to his performance is a sound, a synthesiser, a voice, or a motive. In this field of experimentation, worlds of sound are created which combine various musical concepts. In this way the artist creates soundscapes between techno and [...]
Bookwood is a young talent. Both as a producer & live act, he floats in between the musical spheres of Electronica and Deep House. His sound puts an emphasis on the deeply emotional spheres with many surfaces and a preference for theatrical & dramatic sound. After he learned to play several classical instruments as a [...]
STUCK // ALBUM ‚BLIND‘ "Stuck is about getting lost, struggling, failing, falling and eventually getting up again. Probably no other track captures the creative ups and downs of creating my album more." - Blindsmyth. The whole album can be pre-ordered now and you‘ll get stuck directly. Bandcamp: https://blindsmyth.bandcamp.com/album/blind Next dates: 09.02. Berlin, Album Release: Blindsmyth 'Blind' w. AFAR [...]
It all started with a mixtape! In the 80’s schNee was born in the suburbs of Berlin, and as a young girl she moved through this vibrant city exploring different music styles through concerts - as she got older she started finding herself in the Berlin clubs; dancing, feeling, enjoying, and opening up to the [...]
Simon Schmidt, also known as Blindsmyth, is a musical globetrotter. Since 2014 he has been a Berlin based producer and live act who thrives in the electronic music scene. His live sets are a voyage of discovery between deep electronic soundscapes and experimental pop music. Blindsmyth’s musical fundament was developed throughout his early years as [...]